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Drawing inspiration from the natural world, UP presents an APP that embodies the transformative energy of the ocean, channeling digital social interaction into systemic change.

UP is the first tech platform to quantify, audit, and notorise data from plastic waste collections. The collected data is simultaneously used for scientific research on the impact of plastic on marine ecosystems

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Sign up as a waste collector on our website and click on Start, from this moment we’ll start collecting your data!

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Make sure that you complete our plastic collecting protocol required steps, so our AI can achieve a clean audit.

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When your data has been approved, it is time to get rewarded for your impactful work!

Our Technology

By using technology and science we register data (IOT devices), audit(AI) and notarise the data (blockchain). When you collect plastic from a marine ecosystem using your phone, UP registers this data. Think about geolocation, duration of time, photos and way more.

Then we classify and quantify the collected plastic using AI. Drawing upon all the data gathered from your plastic waste collection efforts, you, as an Ocean Defender, can demonstrate the positive impact achieved through your dedication. This budle of data is represented in the form of an Ocean Notarised Digital Asset (ONDA). We notarise the data using Blockchain, making the data immutable and traceable for all. Finally, we facilitate the transfer of data ownership from the user who purchased this ONDA to the Ocean Defender

In this way we achieve our three goals. Regenerating the marine ecosystems by taking out plastic, giving agency to locals by fairly rewarding them for their efforts and making companies act upon their footprint, getting a step closer to the ESGs.

Our Primary Goals

Ocean Regeneration

Regenerating marine ecosystems by taking out plastic. One of the primary goals is to regenerate marine ecosystems by removing plastic from the oceans. Plastic pollution is a huge environmental concern that poses a threat to marine life, habitats, and the overall health of the oceans.

Local Empowerment

Giving agency to locals by fairly rewarding them for their efforts. By actively engaging local communities, such as coastal residents, or volunteers, in the cleanup process, we want to empower them in the valuable work they do in protecting the ocean.

Enabling digital blue economy

We catalyze a digital blue economy, guiding investments into meaningful plastic waste collections. Our model, underpinned by Regenerative Finance principles, links economic investments to oceanic regeneration, with technology ensuring traceability. Thus, we empower entities to responsibly act upon their environmental footprints, aligning with the Social Development Goals.

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Investing in Impact: Boosting Environmental and Social Responsibility with Innovative Technology

With your investment, you can actively take environmental and social responsibility by directly supporting Ocean Defeners. Through the use of our disruptive technology, we can give full insight into what the positive outcomes are of your investments. This digital layer adds value to responsibility efforts by integrating the digital blue economy into economical and daily activities. It helps enhance ESG reporting and consequently enriching customer engagement within the realm of sustainability.

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